NAACP Demands Update

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[Source] Our oppression has reached its boiling point. The uprisings we’re witnessing in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, Oakland, Washington D.C. and many other cities across the U.S. are a direct consequence of the racism, bigotry, violence, and subjugation against Black people that has festered … Continued


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[Source] Amir H. Ali, Emily Clark That doctrine has become one of the chief ways in which law enforcement avoids accountability for misconduct and, as Brooks’s case demonstrates, even proven constitutional violations. Ordinary people—whether they’re doctors, lawyers, or construction workers—are expected to follow … Continued


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Update: Read the ACLU’s statement on the legislature’s compromise bill on distracted driving, which was signed into law by Governor Baker in November 2019. Massachusetts has a documented history of wide-ranging racial disparities in how police conduct traffic stops. A 2004 statewide report showed … Continued

CO-OP Reports and recommendations 2008-2015

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CO-OP Cumulative Takeaways IA Recommendations All conclusions contained in an investigative report should be substantiated by facts obtained during the investigation. There should be a more serious and concerted attempt to follow-up with witnesses or complaining parties when there is … Continued

Massachusetts Racial and Gender Profiling Study

posted in: Proposed Reforms | 0 All law enforcement agencies, as a part of good professional police practices, should establish a system to collect and monitor data on all traffic stop activity.  Following national models for traffic stop data collection, a uniform set of data … Continued

St. Clair Commission Findings

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St. Clair Commission Report 1992 Flynn Administration Leadership Issues Transition To A New Police Commissioner To Lead The Boston Police Department Impose Requirement of Minimum Civil Service Rank For Command Staff Strategic Planning The New Commissioner Should Create A Centralized … Continued