3 Years Waiting – No Justice for Stop and Harass

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Do you remember the time?
Yes, that time, for maybe the millionth time when a Black Man was harassed by the Boston Police for no apparent reason. Well, it was a big deal and it went viral… Millions of views, featured on all local media, plus worldwide on NowThis, DailyMail, Desus & Mero, etc. We wanted justice and the community rallied for answers. We followed all proper protocol and tried to handle things correctly. With all the public pressure and scrutiny surely this would be handled swiftly and justly… right??? WRONG.

Keith Antonio was minding his business on his day off, on his way to get a haircut in the middle of the day when he was stopped and harasser by BPD Officer Zachary Crossen, who couldn’t fathom a Black Man walking about in the middle of the day without nefarious purposes.

Here we are 3+ years later and this is what we are left with. No Justice and No Resolution and a very weak explanation.

Lets Share the breakdown…

3 Years and this is what was just finally received from the BPD.
3.2 Million Views – Daily Mail
Press Conference where we laid out our points and suggestions.