Mass Police Reform Announces 1-844-BAD-APPL Police Misconduct Tip Line

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In our first “Talkin’ to the Police” community conversation with law enforcement one of the simple solutions suggested was an anonymous tip line for both Law Enforcement and Civilians to safely report police misconduct. We have established the Bad Apple Police Misconduct Tip Line and Form in order to collect accurate and true information that otherwise might go unreported. All tips will be followed up on. We invite community and law enforcement to share their stories of police misconduct.

Press Release:

Mass Police Reform (the group behind Police Decertification & Shot By Police in Boston & Beyond) today launched a new “Bad Apple” Police Misconduct Anonymous tip line aimed at identifying bad apples on the police force. This tip line can be used by good cops who want to protect the integrity of the profession as well as citizens who may have information on bad apples. As the national conversation about police reform continues to develop many people have asked for the “Good Cops” to step up and call out misconduct, corruption and injustice. After discussions with local police officers we have created the mechanism and platform for both Cops and Citizens to be able to help us improve the quality of our police force by assisting us in identifying and weeding out “Bad Apples.” Everyone is served by having the Best police force possible in order to serve & protect the public as public servants carrying out their duties with full professionalism, dignity, integrity, transparency & accountability.