Police Decertification in MA – Legislative Briefing TUE 3/29

our Senate host: Sen. Jamie Eldridge


Police Decertification state house - web

Massachusetts is one of only six states without revocation authority. The others are California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

Many professionals are licensed and if found guilty of wrong doing can LOSE their license to practice. Lawyers, Doctors, Plumbers, Electricians, Accountants, Taxi Drivers, Teachers, Real Estate Brokers, Architects, Psychologists, Barbers, etc. are all subject to losing their license or being decertified. Even your personal Drivers License can be revoked for serious infractions.

Why not Police?

Keynote Presenter:
Leading National Expert on Police Decertification
Prof. Roger L. Goldman
Callis Family Professor of Law Emeritus
Saint Louis University School of Law

Other individuals presenting to the legislators
to be announced upon confirmation

  1. Charles

    When you have a system that fails to punish someone that VIOLATES an INDIVIDUALs constitution rights based on color of law, then you are Allowing these people To be judge, jury and EXECUTIONERs. These individuals have violated their oath to uphold the CONSTITUTIONs. And when the people in command fail to take action I believe the community loses all respect for the police.

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